Way to manage your damaged hair

Way to manage your damaged hair.



It would be helpful for dry scalps and to get rid of dust and waste in the between hairs when you combing in opposite side of hair growth before shampoo.



That habit make shampoo cleans more and helps the scalp soaks treatment so your hair becomes healthier.



It would be help to keep from hair loss and for hair circulation so your hair becomes soft.



It is good to comb after your hair and scalps perfectly dried after shampoo.



Many people worry about whether it is better to wash hair in the morning or in the evening.



However, the hair with the scalp, like the skin, regenerates from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.



So there’s a good oil film for the scalp.



If the dust or waste accumulated in the scalp is not removed after going out, it may block the pores and induce skin problems and keratin.



Washing hair too often can also damage the hair.



So, it is recommended to wash it in the evening rather than in the morning.



If you want to keep your hair healthy, it is recommended to use a conditioner that coats the cuticle of hair and a treatment that can repair damage.



Steady use of hair conditioner and treatment can help you to style your hair easily.



However, if it’s applied to scalp directly, it can clog hair follicle.

So it is important to apply it only on the hair at a distance of 15cm from the roots so that it does not touch the scalp.



This posting was pretty short, but I described some essential details for hair care.

Let’s try together to get our hair smooth and shiny one day 🙂



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