The Real Reasons That Make Me Look Aged

The Real Reasons That Make Me Look Aged



There are various factors that make me appear aged, including wrinkles, facial shape, and skin.

Under-eye wrinkles such as tear troughs and crow’s feet can make me look older than I actually am, especially when viewed head-on, as they tend to stand out along with sagging cheeks, serving as prominent signs of aging.




Wrinkles under the eyes have many causes.

The eyes become thicker and the shadows thinner because the membrane around the eyelids and fat under the eyes weakens with age, and fat is squeezed out and accumulated.



With fat bags under the eyes, it’s easy to look tired.

There’s a lot of pressure because it’s not the same as it was.



The cause of under-eye wrinkles is the loss of elasticity in the under-eye fat, causing it to gradually sag downwards.

At times like this, massaging the area around the eyes to promote lymphatic circulation can help slow down the aging process.



Using eye creams or creams specifically designed for wrinkles can also be a solution.

The sooner you start taking care of them, the better.



We hope this post is helpful in maintaining your beauty.



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