The beginning of infidelity is sweet, but the end is bleak

The beginning of infidelity is sweet, but the end is bleak


The 7 steps of an affair



1. Good impression


TV dramas often features in the vacation place where one’s eyes meet the other’s eyes and at the moment they fall into a passionate affair.

However, such cases are not uncommon in reality. It’s more common to get to know each other at work or at parties, and fall into an affair by chance.



Although he has a general affinity, he did not ponder it as heterosexual.

I don’t feel sexually attracted to the man or the woman.

Such a relationship comes with an accidental opportunity, and the affair begins. After the company dinner, we took a taxi and the result was pleasant.



2. Passion


They feel the most happiness.

They fell into conflict whether making a phone call or not after accidental affair.

Then they meet after contact.

They think they are happiest when they are in a place having sex.

There are cases that they meet accidently while forgetting their affair.

This moment is very absurd for them, but they can’t forget it.

They begin to be ardent to each other if they meet again within days after calling.



The thought of the partner never diminishes all day.

Each thinks of the partner to be together when seeing something good, to eat together when eating delicious food.

They wait for call from partner all day long.

Then, they melt into one when they meet finally.



3. Hesitancy


Sometimes you get worried.

You start to get conscious of the fact that you’re going out with a married man or woman.

You also get conscious of the rumors.

You get concerned that you might meet someone you know on the streets while having a date with your married partner.



Sometimes you think that you might have to stop meeting.

Though you feel stirred by the thought of rendering dangerous love, you are also frightened because it’s a banned form of love.

You tend to hesitate at times.

You swear to yourself to not receive calls from your partner, but such a decision is short-lived.

You end up calling or the other person calls and you meet him or her once more.



4. Isolation


He already has a family.

To maintain the relation with him, I have to keep a secret.

Therefore, I have to adjust my schedule to his.

I have to watch him running off to the hospital when his child suddenly gets sick even when we were spending the time together.



I have to lurk around to avoid meeting his partner.

As a result, I have always at the rear of his schedule.

People often ask me, ‘Are you seeing anyone?”, but I can never answer them truthfully.

Even when people offer me to introduce a good match, I have to be vague and refuse the offer.

Because I have a secret not to tell, I am getting isolated.



5. Rationalization


Logically thinking, you know you have to end the relationship.

But you can’t.

You promise yourself not to meet him again but meet him again at the end.

You make excuses for maintaining the relationship.



No one is speaking out loud, but justify yourself by believing everyone else is, too, meeting married men and women.

Looking back at the current position of the self, you believe it is hard to meet a person with such quality.

He has a family, but you tell and ease yourself that the one he truly loves is yourself.

You have a false hope of him leaving the family and will choose the relationship with you.

View yourself as pathetic for maintaining such an improper relationship.

As a result you are in the cycle of rationalizing your choice



6. Waste


I thought it didn’t matter.

I wanted to put my heart away, but I didn’t know when I would go crazy again.It’s boring to continue this relationship.

Angry with family and friends.Finally, I couldn’t help but confide to whom.In order to keep a secret, he broke the rules that must be observed between that man and two people.

Sometimes I call late at night after drinking.



Wandering around the house.

Always confirm whether you love yourself to that person.

Also very persistent about sex.

Very angry with him.

Quarrel as soon as you meet.He was afraid to let him break up after the quarrel, so he called again and again.

Because this kind of youth wasted due to love is a pity, so I always hope to get some “compensation”.



7. Crack


Married men and women rarely break up completely because they don’t want to see each other again.

Married women and men don’t break up simply because they don’t want to see each other again, and it almost doesn’t exist.



The breakdown at the end of the cohabitation relationship must be much more painful than expected.

As the surrounding news spread, it could no longer be hidden, or even face rupture.

When the spouse noticed it, he couldn’t meet again.



Marriage is secured by the institution.

Other’s recognition is also an element helping the relation of marriage.

However, immoral relationship is vulnerable because it is a secrete relationship.

They sometimes justify their relationship, anticipating people’s criticizing, which is just their own misunderstanding.



They get to know that they have different thought from each other.

One wanted someone to rely on but the other just a sex partner.

One has wanted love but the other wants reward, like money, status, privilege, expensive presents.

There are many cases that woman wants economical reward after termination when the partner has great wealth.

On the other hand, there are cases that man requests money from woman, threatening to inform her husband of the reality.

Immoral relationship or adultery starts naturally but its termination isn’t at their will.



All infidelity relationships cost.

The problem exists when I want to end this relationship while the other person is still in love; it remains when I want to keep this relationship in terms of love while the other person wants to end and get compensation.

Most of infidelity relationships have to pay a heavy price.



This relationship hurts the cheater’s spouse and children a lot.

That’s far from end.

The life of the parties included in the relationship would be a mess.

Well, the included parties might become the victims who suffered the most.


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