Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin A Cream 30ml Wrinkle Restore


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  • With Tracking Number
  • Wrinkle Improvement & Lifting
  • Make skin lively, bright
  • Keep skin elastic, healthy
  • Excellent waterlock effect

Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin A Cream

Volume: 30ml

Vitamin Wrinkle Restore

PATENT NO 279073

  1. RETINOL 2500 POWERFUL WRINKLE CARE: Multi wrinkle care with adenosine. retinol as useful vitamin cream.
  2. KEEP ELASTIC FOR LIFELESS SKIN WRINKLE: Improve collagen biosynthesis Recover trouble skin to be elastic.
  3. HIGH CONCENTRATION VITAMIN LONG TIME WATERLOCK EFFECT: Special shape of natural moist ingredient, low molecular amino acid is permeated into skin deeply.




  • Intensive Wrinkle Care
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Wonderful Waterlock Impact



  • Wrinkles really bother me
  • I’m really worry about lifeless, inelastic skin
  • I hate my tired, crumbly skin texture


Dr.VITA A Certified by KFDA for Wrinkles Care

Key Feature

  • Wrinkle Improvement & Lifting (Retinol 2,500 contained)
  • Make skin lively, bright
  • Maintain skin elastic, wholesome
  • Glorious waterlock effect
Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin A Cream 30ml

Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin A Cream 30ml


Key Ingredient

  • VITAMIN A: Improves skin elasticity by activating cell and composing protein biosynthesis, so it keeps sensive skin like a skin condition causes by menstruation and improves skin texture smoothly.
  • CARROT CELL EXTRACT: Abundant moisture and various organic acid offers skin freshness and elasticity.
  • JAPANESE ELM EXTRACT: Anti-inflammatory impact removing toxicity of skin Improves level of immunity from various allergies.


Dr. Vita A Key Tech

Technology of liquid crystal similar to human organ


Improves collagen biosynthesis

High anti-inflammatory effect

Wrinkle care impact officially approved in worldwide

Long-time waterlock impact (more than three items of absorption force)


The right way to use: Twice a day & night after ending basic skincare

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Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin A Cream 30ml

Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin A Cream 30ml Wrinkle Restore