Scalp is different from the skin of face or body

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Scalp is different from the skin of face or body.

From scalp, hair grows instead of fluff.

That means when we talk about the scalp, we need to care not only the skin but also its hair.


  • Is my hair dry or oily
Is my hair dry or oily

Is my hair dry or oily


The right way to take care hair is keeping the secretion of sebum properly and maintain the health of hair without splitting ends.

In order to know how to care, it is necessary to know whether the scalp that hair grows is healthy or oily or dry.


  • Cause of hair damage
Cause of hair damage

Cause of hair damage


Depending on your way of care, hair condition can be improved in a short time.

Frequent shampooing, or hair deformations such as drying, perming, dyeing or tying tightly or tight headbands are the main causes of hair damage, and ultraviolet rays cause hair loss and dry hair as well.

Like skin, scalp and hair are also part of the body, so if you get too much stress or fatigue, it will definitely get worse.


  • How to shampoo your hair correctly
How to shampoo your hair correctly

How to shampoo your hair correctly


We take care our face with quality products such as lotion, sunscreen, and mist to replenish moisture.

While we abuse our hair by using dryer and spray after shampooing.

We will learn how to shampoo the hair correctly and care scalp to improve hair condition.


  1. Brush hair with a comb before shampooing. Before you soak your hair in water, you can comb your hair to remove tangles, dust and dirt so you can make your hair cleaner. Brushing the tangled hair makes it easier to wash the hair, so we shouldn’t skip brushing even if it is annoying.
  2. Soak your hair and scalp enough with water and rinse the shampoo. Rather than just soak your hair with a shower, you should use a basin to moisten your hair and scalp with water for about 3 minutes to get rid of the dust from your scalp. And shampoo should be thoroughly soaked for removing wastes from the scalp, then shampoo with an appropriate amount of shampoo to bubble on the scalp then completely rinse it.
  3. Use a conditioner after applying treatment. Most treatments go into the hair and the conditioner creates a film on the surface of the hair, so it is good to use conditioner after treatment. Apply the treatment avoiding scalp, wait for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and rinse it around the hair, then apply conditioner to the hair thoroughly to avoid contact with the scalp and wait for 1 ~ 3 minutes then rinse it.
  4. Let’s care the hair properly and keep a nice hair condition.



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