Precautions when tanning outdoor

Precautions when tanning outdoor

There are many people tanning outdoor when hot summer is coming.

Many men and women are having a tan under hot sun because bronze skin looks healthy and elastic.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


Do I have a whitening or tanning?

If you are thinking about skin tone, you may consider tanning once.

However, You should be cautious for it because wrong way for tanning can have a bad effect on your health.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


From now on, let’s talk about the general cautions for outside tanning, which is the most common type of tanning.

The most important thing about the hot UV rays is “burns”!

Even if it wasn’t for tanning, you have probably experienced tingling and redness from a sunburn at least once in your lifetime.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


The skin needs to be tanned to the extent that it is slightly darker than your skin, but sometimes swelling, itching, stinging, and even blisters may occur, which causes a lot of people to feel pain while they are asleep or in their daily lives.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


Tanning oil:

You have to apply tanning oil meticulously before tanning your skin.

Some people think that the purpose of tanning oil is to get great tanned color, but in fact, it is to evenly absorb UV rays through the skin and prevent dryness of the skin which causes redness.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


Period of tanning

The best time to tan your skin is in the morning when the sun is not too bright or in the afternoon close to sundown.

At the hottest hour of the day, between 12~2 pm, the danger of sunburn is high and even slight tanning can cause side-effects such as aging skin and pigmentation.

The ideal time to tan your skin is 10~11 am and 3~4 pm.

It is best to switch your position periodically for an even tan.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


The skin on the elbow and knee is very thin, and it absorbs the tanning products quickly, so it can be darker than other parts of the body.

Even though you make a moisture barrier with body lotion 30 minutes before tanning, you can prevent your knees and elbows from being darker than other part of your body.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


If your skin tone is uneven after tanning, it is because you forgot to exfoliate before tanning.

If certain parts have more dead skin cells than others, there will be uneven spots.

Exfoliate your whole body thoroughly a day before tanning.

While exfoliating, use a body scrub that has small grains to minimize the irritation.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


A person with tanning experiences know information such as, how much their skin color changes after a tan and how long they need to tan, but beginners should familiarize yourself with the basic precautions before tanning.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


If you want to protect your skin’s health and prevent the aging of your skin, you have to give enough time for your skin to recover, before your next tan.

For this it is better to reach the desired color in several session rather than in 1 or 2 sessions.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


Tanning should be absolutely followed by skin caring process.

After tanning, skin is dehydrated so hydrating product should be applied and for the regeneration of the damaged skin, the anti-aging product should be added as well.


Precautions when tanning outdoor


The skin exposed to UV rays is easily dried so drinking water is recommended.

Make face packs using cucumbers or potatoes that have natural skin soothing effect or apply skin care products containing soothing component such as aloe.


Precautions when tanning outdoor



if you make short tanning at tanning shops in machines and complete with tanning outdoor, you can reduce the time of being exposed to UV and melanin pigment will be spread more evenly, which will results in skin tone without stains.

Let’s make a toned up and charming bronze skin!


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