Neck wrinkle care for a truly younger look

Neck wrinkle care for a truly younger look


If you didn’t put enough care for your neck wrinkle from you’re young days, it will turn to deep wrinkle which is hard to return.

Thus, it is important to have constant care on it.


It is important to have constant care on it


Not only trees have growth rings.

Our bodies have them too.

If you thought of eye wrinkles or smile lines when you heard growth rings, maybe you were too naive.

But face is not all there is.

“Neck wrinkles” that could be easily looked over could have been showing your age until now.

Here are 10 ways to prevent neck wrinkles that could be practiced in daily life.


Our bodies have them too


Adjusting the Height of the Pillow

Adjusting the Height of the Pillow

A Pillow which has way too high height hinders the blood circulation of our body.

And that discomfort makes unnecessary stress on the neck muscles and becomes one of the reasons for the neck wrinkles.

The best height of the pillow should be on a straight line with your body when lied down.

To find the best fitting pillow, I recommend you to use functional items like a memory foam pillow.



Putting Sunscreen


Putting Sunscreen


Don’t think the quote ‘UV is enemy of skin’ applies to face only.

Make sure to have a habit to put Sunscreen not only on your face but neck area as well before you go outside.

Especially it is easy to get neck wrinkles when experiencing sudden weight changes due to pregnancy or diet therefore you should manage it with the specialized product.



Not to rest your chin on your hands


Not to rest your chin on your hands


The habit that resting your chin on your hands causes harmful posture as it also affects the health of the neck skin.

The bad posture as you are resting your chin on your hands makes the muscles around your neck (cervical muscle) be tensed which results in neck wrinkles.

A good posture is very helpful for articulation health as well as skincare, so let’s make this opportunity to end our bad habits and manage our waist and skin health at the same time!



Straighten Your Back


Straighten Your Back


Not grinning your chin is insufficient to prevent neck wrinkles.

That is only the first step.

In order to really prevent nexk wrinkles, you must sit yourself down with buttocks locked into the corner of your chair.

A properly straightened posture will relax your neck muscles.



Washing your neck along with face


Washing your neck along with face


Forgetting to cleanse neck makes dead cells, waste products and also can result in wrinkles.

However, few people will consider it caring about neck while washing face.

Move hands a little bit more to neck area when you cleanse your face.

Lastly, I want to advise to rinse enough with lukewarm water.






Neck of modern people spends lots of time looking at the monitor.

Therefore even though how much you try to keep the right posture, fatigue will pile up easily on your neck.

Let’s make sure to stretch your neck time to time while you are working in order to relax your neck muscle.

It is helpful to move your neck back and forth, left and right when you are stretching.



To not use bath loofah


To not use bath loofah


Do you like to bath?

If so, what about scrubbing skins off?

Using bath loofah could help you’re skin health by eliminating dead cells or wastes that were piled on the skin surface.

However, scrubbing on sensitive and delicate neck skin could give you adverse effect.





To not use bath loofah


To put facial mask only on your face is too easygoing idea.

Since various packs are effective on face wrinkle prevention, you have to put them on your sensitive neck wrinkle as well.

You can choose either exclusively made for neck wrinkle protection or pre-existing one.

What matters is to keep moisturize your neck to prevent wrinkle.



Not sleeping face-down


Not sleeping face-down


People spend 1/3 of a day in bed.

So even if you manage neck wrinkles well while you are awake and active, it is useless if you get them while sleeping.

There is one more tip other than using a pillow that is not too high.

This might be bad news for people who like to sleep face-down, but the habit of sleeping face-down causes neck wrinkles because it strains the neck.



Room Humidity control


Room Humidity control


Dryness is an enemy to skin.

As much as UV rays, dryness also cause skin aging.

Especially for students and office workers who stay inside often, they must pay attention to room humidity control.

As there is a phrase that skin care begins and ends with skin refreshing, the prevention of neck wrinkles also starts and ends with skin refreshing.



Neck wrinkle care for a truly younger look


Neck wrinkle care for a truly younger look

Are we fully clear about how to prevent neck wrinkle so far?

As much as you put effort on your moisturized and smoother face skin, if you put effort on your neck as well, your beauty level will upgrade sooner!



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