Melasma, freckle and blemish – How can we stop this?

Melasma, freckle and blemish are difficult to remove once you get it.

How can we stop this?



Pippi’s freckles in the cartoon look always lovely.

But the mottled freckles on my face are not attractive at all, but countrified and irritating.



I have to wear a thick makeup because of the freckles and it makes me ashamed when I walk around without makeup.

Of course I can’t control the congenital cause due to family history, but I can prevent or stop the progress acquired factors such as wrong skin care, irregular lifestyle habits, stress, and UV rays through self care.


Then, let’s check out the ways to escape from freckle hang-up.


Skin tends to be sensitive in summer because the atmosphere environment has changed suddenly like increasing UV ray and flowing fine dust and pollen.



Also, you can get easily melasma, freckle and blemish when your skin are exposed to UV ray, going out without sunblock you need to be careful because once you get it, it is hard to get rid of it.



In windy weather like these days, freckles, blemishes and such can be seen more vivid with fallen facial barrier so let’s prevent the cause that makes it worse and learn the precautionary measure.


The worst enemy of freckles and blemishes is UV rays.


Therefore, you always have to put on sunscreen thoroughly not only in sunny days, but also in cloudy weather.



The eating of Vitamin C could also help the improving and prevention for age-spot, freckles, dirty-spots.

Vitamin C also works as the role of recovering the decreased collagen as by the aging of skin.



If skin receives the ultra-violet ray, it makes the black-brown pigments of melanin, and due to this age-spot, dirty-spot, and freckles are happening, then at this time Vitamin C could hinder the creation of melanin pigments so helping the skin to be improved in clearer way.



Blemishes and freckles are a common symptom that is affected by sun ray but most of the time their cause is hard to be defined.

Also they are considered to be caused by genetical or physical reasons.



It is reported that the reasons which worsen blemishes and freckles are genes or medications, malnutrition, and hepatosis.



Pigmentation like blemishes and freckles tend to get worse by tiredness, insomnia and stress, so it is crucial to maintain the everyday habit that can provide enough relaxation to the skin.



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