How to choose a Sunscreen that fits your skin

How to choose a Sunscreen that fits your skin

In the case of sunscreens that we use a lot, there are various types of viscosity and color of the formulation, so there are various types of sunscreens depending on the degree of composition or cloudiness, texture, moisture and UV protection, and oil content.

It is good to look at and choose this, and the order of application is different by gender, since the characteristics of women and men are different.


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


In case of women, most of them use a sunscreen after skin care before make up, in this case if the sun screen is oily, it is hard to make it absorbed so mostly they prefer to use moisturizing one than oily one.


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin

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In case of men, they use a sunscreen after skin care and through this they can cover their skin a little.

Also in summer there are some sunscreens for body which is big, so you can make a decision on amount.

How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


Sun gel

Sun gel, which has an essence formulation such as aloe gel, is moist and has good skin repellency.

The best time to apply sun gel is wet and hot in summer.

If you don’t like heavy sunscreen, I recommend using a sun gel that gives you a refreshing feel


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


Sun stick

One of the most sold sunscreens in summer, the sun stick is stick-shaped, so it is easy to use because it does not need to be applied on the hand and it is small enough to carry.

Because normally sun sticks are flat, it is easy to apply with the tip where you need a delicate spread like under your eyes or nose.

Since the oil on the face can get on the sun stick when rubbing, if you continue to use the sticks, it will have a negative effect on skin hygiene.

Therefore, it is good to apply it while the skin is kept clean, and it is necessary to always wipe off any residues on the sun stick to take care of it.


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Sun liquid

Among the types of sunscreens, the sun liquid, which is a liquid type, has the advantage of being able to meticulously spread because it has a thin form that has a gentle spreading characteristic.

However, there are a lot of dry products compared to sunscreen, and if you have a feeling of rejection because the sunscreen is thick, it is better to use sun liquid.


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


Sun spray

If you don’t use sunscreens because it bothers you that you have to use your hand to apply them, using spray type such as sun spray or sun mist is recommended which have advantages of convenience.

However, in the case of sun spray, it is not allowed to be brought into the plane, and it may cause damage to others in an enclosed space.

And compared to other type of products, it has less degree of protection so you need to apply it several times.


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


Sun puff

In case of sun cushion, which has the same way of applying, you can use it with puff without using hands.

It has the advantage of less agglomeration of the formulation, but it is expensive compared to other types of products, and puffs may be contaminated, so special care must be taken.

The sun powder with powder tile is applied after makeup or in the basic care.

There are many products with a high UV blocking index, and in the case of mineral powder, it has a function of putting a thin mineral film on the skin to reflect UV rays.

And with fine power it make your skin a little dried so you can see a good effect when fixing the makeup.

How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin

Hold on!

The official word is “Sunscreen“.

It is usually called “Sun Cream”, but it is also called “Sun Block” in cosmetics classification.

It can be classified into 2 types according to the ingredients.

How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


01. Chemical sunscreen (aka ‘chemical sunscreen’)

Main ingredient: Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, etc.

  • Advantage: Less cloudiness, good spread, good usability
  • Disadvantage: Irritation sensitive Skin is susceptible to skin problems


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


02. Physical sunscreen (aka ‘physical sunscreen’)

Main ingredient: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, etc.

  • Advantage: Low irritation, can be used for sensitive skin
  • Disadvantage: white cloudiness, stiffness and shin.


How to choose a sunscreen that fits your skin


There are many type of sunscreen, so it is important to choose what kind of sunscreen you prefer clearly, through the right decision you will stay your skin beautiful.


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    I never been one to use sunscreen but in my mid 20’s I started developing very sensitive skin. If I go out in the sun without anything on, I will get a very itchy and uncomfortable rash. It is called Photosensitivity and for anyone with it, you know the struggle! I have tried several options on the market but nothing protected from this rash until I started using virgin coconut oil. It has a natural SPF of about 10 and since my skin is olive tone and rarely burns, it is perfect for me and 100% natural.
  2. Avatar
    I had no idea there were this many options! I am waiting to get in with my dermatologist to figure out the best sunscreen for my skin given that I have rosacea. He wants to try a baby/infant formula on my skin as he said it tends to be more gentle. It is also a gel which is something I never knew existed up until he told me about it and after reading this. I am going to change my body sunscreen as well. Try a few different types out.

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