Fandom culture of BTS and their secret to popularity

Fandom culture of BTS and their secret to popularity



BTS has been communicating with their fans through social media since they were trainees, showing them grow little by little.

All of their failures, frustrations, efforts and enthusiasm were immediately exposed on the social media.

While watching their videos on those social media, their fans have created a sympathy and kept on cheering for them.

When BTS accomplished making their songs and choreographies, fans were happy as if it were their own business.

The name of the fandom is ARMY.


It is difficult to calculate the exact size of this fandom, which somewhat seems to be in line with the group name BTS.

Through various social media, BTS kept communicating with thier fans and offered their fans some fun.

BTS have their channel in Twitter, Tstory, and they also have their own official youtube channel, BangTan TV.

They have been running these channels by showing their practice videos as trainees, cooking videos, blogs, and etc, which spread out among fans who together share and cheer for BTS’s growth.




From daily routines such as playing games, sleeping, and practicing to world tour and behind stories of year-end performance, everything about BTS is shared with the fans.

Also, all 7 members use a same account, which shows their identity as one team and each of their charms and characteristics at the same time.

J-Hope uploads videos that teach everything starting from stretching to every dance move.

Another member kindly and interestingly tells a behind story about the process of making albums.

Such videos provides their fans with things to enjoy and play with.



Sometimes they follow and learn the dance of BTS and thoroughly understand songs from the albums.

Fans don’t just cheer their singers by consuming the singser’s contents but also created a new fan culture by understanding the values from the songs of BTS and taking good song phrases as their life motto.




BTS told on TV interview ” The secret of our success is fan club ARMY’s help”.

After they won the top on the Billboard chart, they didn’t go to attend the after-party but went to their rooms for sharing joy with their fans.

BTS’s sincere heart for their fans has constructed for over 7 years since their trainee days through making trust and love with SNS communication.

And it continues to the times of being world star without change.


You may also wonder,

How could it be possible for fans from all over the world to enjoy in real time together when members of BTS usually speak Korean?

This kind of question belongs to underestimating the power of ARMYs.

There are lots of fans who are competent in translation in every language.

And those translations do not just exist only in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

If you just google for translation of BTS’s lyrics, you may also find them in other various languages such as Croatian, Czech, Greek, Danish, Ukrainian, and so on.




It will be one of the works those expertised ARMYs feel the most excited about to translate BTS’s work and make subtitles in all kinds of languages, and to share and spread them all over the world.

It is something that is impossible without them feeling unity with BTS.




Success Factors of BTS



sincerity of BTS. What they talk about, how they act, and their lyrics show consistent messages, which moved the generation of millenials.

This also appeared in their speech at UN.



they honestly showed their weaknesses and difficult times and included how they overcame those in their story.

By interacting through social media, they maximized their sense of connection and bond with their fans.



CEO Bang Si Hyunk gave freedom to BTS and BTS could express their deepest problems freely with their songs, which made their songs very touching and created empathy, unlike other idols.



they provide their fans with numerous ‘factors to enjoy’ which fans could play with and those include parodies, such as idol challenge, following dance moves, and translating lyrics.



meaning and good influences.

Through lyrics borrowed from classical literature and lyrics that bravely criticizes social issues, BTS has great influences over youth.

Their music video and songs make fans interpret and analyze.



innovation. For every albums, they collaborated with world famous professionals and created innovations that attracted their fans.






We wish BTS more success in 2021.

Also, dear members of our shopping mall, hope you have a great new year of 2021.



  1. I love this, the BTS ARMY is really a great example of how fandoms can bring together people from around the world and different cultures, and it really shows how social media is changing the way that we consume media and what we have access to. BTS is also a great example of what this generation wants in a fandom/band/role models, and I think you do a good job explaining that. Love this.
    • You are a Russian fan💚💚 Nice to meet you. Thank you for reading my writing and commenting like this. I hope that the personality of each member of BTS becomes globally known and a more established group. ✨✨
  2. I never thought groups like BTS would catch on in America. I have been into K-pop for several years now but since it has blown up, it makes it easier to enjoy and find and follow new amazing artists. I not only love the music but the style. BTS is kind of behind the big boom so us K-pop fans have them to thank!
    • It is clear that BTS is a front runner of K-pop. BTS who succeed like this is really amazing. However, I think the reason for BTS' succeess was because there were former senior K-pop artists, and they were able to grow thanks to the group, BIGBANG. 🧑‍🎤 Thanks for the comment.

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