Do you like bathing? fruits or vegetables

Do you like bathing? fruits or vegetables

Bathing methods

Bathing methods


There are lots of people who relieve their stress from the day by going into a hot tub before going to bed.

In fact, bathing promotes blood circulation, illuminating your skin up and tightening up the pores and all other healthy effects.

Normally, you simply go into the hot tub or add some bath bomb.

However, if you use fruits or vegetables when bathing, it could improve healthy effect even more.

Would you like to learn about bathing methods using fruits and vegetables?





Use lemon when you’d like to tighten up your skin:

Would you like to find your tight skin back?

Then, use lemon.

Cut the half of lemon, put it into the tub, and take a light shower while the lemon juice comes out.

Then, bathe into the tub.

Lemon has three-four times of vitamin than tangerines, helping to relaxing and tightening up the skin, revitalizing the weary skin.

The fresh scent of lemon makes your head even more light.

Continuous lemon bathing makes your skin even tighter and softer.





Use apple when you feel tired:

Apple is great if you have too much stress in your body.

Grind two apples and juice them out, then put them in a cloth before putting them into the tub.

When the scent of apples fills up the bathroom, bathe yourself into the tub for about 15 minutes.

You can feel your body relaxed out and body movement even more lively.

There’s a calming effect to relieve the tension from the stress.





Use garlic when you think you’ve caught a cold:

If you feel like having a cold, how about using garlic?

Boil three to four pieces of garlic to reduce its smell and put them into the bath tub before you go in.

The ‘Allicin’ element in the garlic gives you powerful germ-sterilizing effect.

Garlic bathing is also good for those who have flu, piles and atopy.

So, if you are struggling from one of these, try it out!





Use carrot for “anti-aging”:

If you would like to slow down the skin aging, use carrot for your bathe.

Cut two huge carrots, boil them in the water, and when you can see the juice blending into the water, pour the carrot water into the tub.

The carrot forms a skin protection wall with ample vitamin A and prevents skin trouble, slowing down the aging.





Watch out. You should keep the water temperature from 36 to 40.

Too hot water get rids of the extracts and promotes blood circulation but it can be risky for those with high blood pressure and other blood circulating diseases.

Also, since fruits and vegetables are not being absorbed into the skin directly, it is too much to expect it would directly show effect on your skin.

Keep in mind that it has great mental effect with stabilizing your body and mind while enjoying your bath time.


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