BIGBANG G-Dragon BLACKPINK Jennie reportedly dating

BIGBANG G-Dragon BLACKPINK Jennie reportedly dating



Rumors of a romantic relationship between Big Bang’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie have become a hot subject.

It seems like their relationship has evolved from a same-agency senior-junior relationship, to a relationship between two lovers.



According to Dispatch, the couple have been seeing each other for a year now at what seems to be G-Dragon’s penthouse in Hannamdong, Seoul.

G-Dragon’s penthouse was apparently the perfect spot for their secret rendezvous since entering the facility requires several authentication processes, from getting access to taking the elevator.



Regarding the rumors, the Agency, YG entertainment, shortly commented on the 24th and said:

“It is difficult to confirm the rumors since they concern the private lives of their artists, so we ask for your understanding,”.


BIGBANG G-Dragon BLACKPINK Jennie reportedly dating


G-Dragon is most popularly known as the K-pop superstar from the top idol group BIGBANG.

After his career as a BIGBANG member, he released numerous hit songs as a solo artist.

Also, the fashionista has a strong presence as a beauty influencer.



This romance rumor of G-Dragon’s is not the first one.

In 2016, G-Dragon was rumored to have romantic relationships with Japanese models Komatsu Nana and Mizuhara Kiko.


With regard to this G-Dragon actually has expressed his belief saying,

“Well, it is not certain for both. I tend to hang out with my friends whether I get paparazzied or not since I love to spend time with my friends altogether.

And I assume that romance rumors of myself would take place continually” in a tv show.



Whether or not G-Dragon acknowledges that he is dating or has broken up is a problem pertaining to an individual, but since he is a famous person, in the perspective of the girlfriend, I think it can have harmful effects on her.


“If one of the person, whom I dated, wants to open our relationship, I think I would gladly do so.

Due to many reasons, the public has the right to know, but I believe it is not an obligation.

Also, according to my personality, I can easily go to places with many people, and I don’t care about what other people think of me.

Also, that is the reason why I get lots of photos taken of me,” he said.



Meanwhile, Jennie is a member of one of the biggest K-pop girl groups in the world, BLACKPINK.

She studied in New Zealand and has gained a lot of attention as an artist through her group and solo activities even after BLACKPINK’s debut.


Jennie had had a public relationship with EXO’s Kai in 2019, but they broke up after a month.

After getting wind of the news of G-Dragon and Jennie’s romantic relationship, fans flooded Kai’s Instagram with mentions of Jennie.


When the news of G-Dragon and Jennie’s romantic relationship came out, fans went straight to Kai’s Instagram and left many comments, saying things like, “Your girl has left,” and “Did you hear the news?”



Meanwhile, Jennie and G-Dragon’s 2012 music video for their solo single “That XX” is in the spotlight again.

Jennie appeared as the lead actress in the video at the time.

Now YG Entertainment has not taken a stand, citing their private life, but the comments in the video for “That XX” have been followed by fans around the world.

In addition, Jennie has also previously featured in G-Dragon’s 2nd album title song “Black”.



BIGBANG G-Dragon BLACKPINK Jennie reportedly dating

With all of you.. Are G-Dragon and Jennie dating rumors true?

Of course, we fans should be happy and supportive when our beloved celebrities find love.

But to be honest.. I personally wish them to be false rumors.

So I’m very curious what other fans think of the whole thing.


  1. Ooh lots of interesting details here! You have a fascinating perspective on these K-Pop stars and their relationships...I like how their music reflects the emotions in their lives - it is very possible that they're dating but who's to say?
    • Hello, I have seen your comment well :) Because the YG entertainment said they couldn't clarify the roumors if they are in a relationship, we have no choice to find out if it's true except for the two of them..
  2. I love this article, it really reveals a lot of information about them and possible past and present relationships. Hopefully if they get serious, they will confirm it if it’s true but if it is I can understand them wanting to keep that private for now. Really great article, thanks for sharing!
    • Thank you for your comment. Even if the love scandal between GD and Jennie is true, most pribably, GD would not admit in public. Because he had always been in silence every time it's been issued.
  3. I wonder what G-Dragon would think about this article and speculations on his various relationships...I feel like it's so tough to be a celebrity, but I guess they do get a lot of glory and money that comes with the fame. I'm not sure if the rumours are true, but if would make a lot of sense since they have been working closely together on the XX song and video.
    • I think the privacy lives of famous people such as entertainers, like your saying, are open to the public and so they are so stressful. I find such a thing pitiful. Have a happy day! πŸ’‘
  4. What a beautiful couple! I love his style and her simple β€œgirl next door” look. They just look so cute together. I really hope if all this is true and they are together, things work out for them. I know when it comes to dating in the limelight, it can be hard but strong couples make it through!
    • If dating rumors of GD and Jennie are true, I agree that they are really matching couple. Both of them are cute and look younger than their actual age. 🌟🌟
  5. Lol too funny that you are hoping they are false! I hope that they are happy whether they are friends or more. It seems like they have a lot in common, so I could definitely see the rumours being real.
    • There are many people hoping that the rumor of romance is false. But I will celebrate it as a fan if it is true. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you for your comment.
  6. Ahhhh all I know is that they are both ADORABLE and I'm loving your pic selection. I feel like it could be a publicity stunt? Like it brings a lot of attention and interest from fans. But yeah I'm not sure, could be true!
    • The couple's romance rumor is certainly attracting a lot of people's attention. The numerous comments on the music video they appeared together tell it. 🌟🌟 Have a good day !
  7. G Dragon handles his fame pretty well. I feel like it must be really intense to be under the spotlight all the time. I wonder if they actually are together – I don't know that they would be a great fit. It might make sense for both of them to be with someone outside of the spotlight.
    • G-Dragon is a A class celebrity, and often referred as "The celebrity among celebrities". Because he is so professional, we expect that he will be extremely careful with press's cameras, especially with the situation of love affair rumor. And I also heard that many fans are waiting for him, because there are also rumors that GD will soon release a new album.

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