9 Ways to Manage Acne without Scarring

9 ways to manage acne without scarring


Acne, how to care without scar?

After you are an adult, did you concerned about pimple part and scar when you were young?

Today let’s find out which way is helpful for caring to come back to smooth skin.



Cell phone

01. Cell phone

The cell phone you always live with.

Because of that, you can easily forget the fact cell phone is a mass of dust, germ and sweat.

Actually cell phone is dirty as it is.

When you call, if the side part of face met with cell phone is got a pimple, cell phone can be reason.

If the cell phone’s screen is met with face for a long time, the heat of cell phone makes skin not only sweated but also moved pollutants which is cause of pimple to skin directly.

To prevent this, clean the cell phone’s screen by antibacterial product regularly.




02. Do not touch

The easiest and basic way to care acne scar is not touching by hand.

The more you touch pimple frequently, the more it is possible to be inflection and bleeding and also left a scar.

It is difficult to return the scar so it is good to not touch at first.




03. Wash face

The pimple is very weak as the pus is squeezed during washing face.

To not make pimple scar, keep face cleanly but when you wash your face, it’s good to wash carefully and lightly.

By using peeling dead skin cell which isn’t strong and skin cleansing, you can wash two times a day by lukewarm water.

To make face cleaned, if you clean strongly or wash too frequently, the symptom becomes strong so be careful for that.




04. Instant food

The meat, processed foods, flour based foods, greasy foods and sweet foods make acne worsened.

It is good to avoid those and eat fresh fruit, vegetable, fish, and water sufficiently.

If you have concern what food you eat, search ‘the food which GI(Glycemic Index) is low’.

You can check the various food ingredients you can enjoy three meals a day without boring.




05. Changing cosmetics frequently

9 ways to manage acne without scarring: 05. Everyone has the mind to find cosmetics which fits skin, but because of impatient mind, using various cosmetics at the same time isn’t good to skin.

If you change cosmetics too frequently, skin can’t have time to adapt and skin acidity’s balance is destroyed so you can get a pimple.

At least, around 3 weeks, you should have time to make skin adapting before changing the cosmetics.




06. Tomato which makes PH density lower

Tomato which has high vitamin A, C, E, and B6 is included acidity which makes skin’s PH density lower, so it is known for good effect to remove acne.

By grinding 1~2 of tomato, if you spread that to skin for 30 minutes consistently, you can get good effect so please refer that.



Aloe vera

07. Natural skin soothing, an aloe vera

Aloe vera is natural skin soothing to give big help from the pimple scar to burn.

It is helpful to regenerate skin fast and absorb vitamin and mineral.

If you mash aloe lips, rub to the scar part for 5 minutes and wash by water after 20 minutes, you can get big effects.




08. Old cosmetics

I can understand the waste of money but I recommend that don’t use old cosmetics.

Check the expired date to use each cosmetic and trash away the cosmetics you don’t use for an average of 6 months.

Also after you are an adult, skin is continuously changing so if you get a pimple also you have been using same makeup product for few years, change the makeup product.

And use oil-free product, product made pimple weakly, and transparent moisturizer frequently.




09. Stress care

9 ways to manage acne without scarring: Lastly, the stress called all kinds of illnesses affects also acne.

Stress hormone CRH(Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone) stimulates skin’s sebum line, so it makes pimple and worsens edema and erythema.

Check what makes you stress currently and during meditation, exercise, hobby you like and so on, overcome and relax this.


Have a happy day 🙂

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