10 ways to get over your ex

10 ways to get over your ex

Breaking up with your lover is sad.

And the more you loved him/her, the sadder you would be.

The painful feelings that seemed to be unable to overcome become dull over time, but the saying ‘Time heals all wounds’ doesn’t really hit home with those who are in grief.


10 ways to get over your ex


It is natural to be sad after parting.

However, if you are willing to brace yourself up again, here are 10 ways to help yourself.



01. Don’t stay too long in sorrow

10 ways to get over your ex

The sadness of losing a lover comes with a degree of depression and emptiness beyond anything.

This sorrow is so great that someone turns away from this feeling, and someone is sorrowful.

Floundering in that grief causes you to become crocked.

After the difficult time of leaving your closest lover, you should try to return to your daily life little by little.



02. Don’t check the SNS of your ex

10 ways to get over your ex

If you don’t want to let go of your ex, you can keep checking his SNS.

However, if you really want to end this relationship, don’t go into the social media of your ex.

Whether you are doing well or not, you will be emotionally shaken.



03. Having fun with other people

10 ways to get over your ex

When you meet people, why don’t you just do something fun with them, rather than just getting consulted at a cafe for your relationship?

It’s good to spend a special day, such as watching comedy movies or plays.

You will gradually experience the fact that you can have a good and enjoyable day without the ex.



04. Start doing what you couldn’t do in the past

10 ways to get over your ex

Now, let’s admit to some extent.

That love takes more money and time than you think.

Now that the relationship is over, you can start working on things you haven’t been able to do because of lack of time and money.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s sports or hobbies.

Let’s do something that makes you better instead of time spending with a lover.



05. Arrange your own new space

10 ways to get over your ex

Since you’ve been the relationship quite long with your ex, you probably haven’t had much time or space alone.

However, because you’re used to dating, the space alone is not so lonely.

Redecorate your own space, choose a cafe where you can read or think alone.

You will be able to overcome the sadness of parting sooner than you think and to mature.



06. Writing diary every day

10 ways to get over your ex

After breaking up with your ex, you may get a lot of thoughts or feel bad every day.

In such a case, writing your complicated mind can be very helpful.

As you write down the complicated and entangled mind, you will realize that complex emotions are a matter of mindset.

As such, journaling is one of the ways to solve the pain of parting without avoiding it.



07. Doing things that your ex hated

10 ways to get over your ex

Consider the shortcomings of being in a relationship.

That is ‘interference’.

As much as each other should be faithful to each other, there were things that should not be done.

But now, why don’t you do what he/she didn’t like?

If you do something that you wanted to do, but you couldn’t do because of your ex you’ll feel like finding yourself lost earlier.



08. Unburdening yourself to people around you

10 ways to get over your ex

Women who have parted confess their concerns to those around them, but men are relatively unlikely to do that.

However, studies have shown that verbal explanations of sadness and anger make the feelings lighter.

So, let’s meet a close friend and have a drink and shake off the sadness of parting.



09. Doing things that stabilize your body and mind

10 ways to get over your ex

Research shows that the brain cannot distinguish between physical and emotional pains.

So, when you take a bubble bath or massage to relax your body, you will feel calmer and less stressed than you think.

If you value yourself and cherish yourself, the sadness that someone who loves you is not with you anymore will become much less.



10. Grieving enough

10 ways to get over your ex

When you have suffered a great loss, you need time to grieve enough.

After that time, you can go back to your daily life with sadness.

However, there are people who try to pretend to be nothing.

For these people, the so-called ‘post-storm’ may come later, and the sadness that comes after a few years may collapse, so it is good to have some time to cry and mourn after parting.



p.s Let’s grieve only until today.

10 ways to get over your ex

Although we part like this, I truly thank you for the days of happiness and joy.

The days won’t be repeated again, but I will contain them as happy memories.

I will be rooting for your future.

Also, I wish you meet a good girlfriend, or a wife and have a happy, blessed life

We were also a great couple in the wonderful moments.

Take care ..


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